My Newly Arrived Custom Moleskine Sleeve

by Francois Parenteau, 2009/08/26

I found Etsy a couple months ago, purely by accident, through Twitter. It’s on this amazing marketplace of handmade craft and jewelery that i met with Martha Ivanovska, commonly known as @martice. Upon seeing her work, and being a total Moleskine addict, i thought how cool would it be to have such a sleeve to protect my cherished sketchbooks.

Well it turns out she actually made me one, with custom colors to match this very website! I will say that i am very pleased with her service overall, shipping was fast and the product itself is spotless. You can see for yourself on the pictures i took below.


Yes you can even hold your pen or whatever you use for drawing with the little elastic band, and it holds pretty good. Will have to see how it behaves over time. Mine also sports my logo, printed and sewed to match the look of my website header.


I will most certainly do business again with her, and i recommend you do the same if you want a sleeve like this one, or for your macbook. She take custom requests.

Visit her shop here

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